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Sense of Security welcomes donations to recognize those who have touched our lives. Tribute gifts are either in memory of departed loved ones or in honor of a special individual(s) who is still living.

Current memorial and honorary gifts are listed below. List Updated 12/1/2019

Memorial Gifts:

In Loving Memory of Christine Howard
Robert Bender
Century Casinos - Central City
Erik Johnson
Charlotte Jordan
Linda Lundy
Lisa Nelson-Miller
Angela Purvis
Alisa Peterson
Linda Rodenbeck
Vicki Tosher and Perry Keen
Barbara Vits
Rosemarie Whaley
Robert Wise
Sabrina Wright-Hobart

In Loving Memory of Francis Litvin
Gail Hoffman
David Wein

In Loving Memory Elinor and in Honor of Jessie
Cindy Marvell

In Loving Memory of Gloria Kubel
Ann Baird
Penny Cooper
Becky Haddad
Lori Holda
Margaret Roddy

In Loving Memory of Eunice Rothman
Sanford "Sandy" Rothman

In Loving Memory of Grandma Emma and in Honor of Aunt Bonnie
Diana Dowling

In Loving Memory of Karen Englert
David and Tracey Kempsell

In Loving Memory of Lisa Griffith Smith
Julie Nordstrom

In Loving Memory of Mildred Garrigues
Lori Crane

In Loving Memory of Mae Hessler
Carol Rothe

In Loving Memory of Margaret Keely
Carol Rothe

In Loving Memory of Norma Means
Kathleen Mulhern

In Loving Memory of our lost PLGA Members
Pinery Ladies Golf Association

In Loving Memory of Linda Palmieri
Lynne Hufnagel

In Loving Memory of Marion Steeples
Victoria and Mark Cavanaugh

In Loving Memory of Merle Roberts
Patricia Roberts

In Loving Memory of Patricia Weaver
Victoria Penfield

In Loving Memory of Tim Stachelski
Judy Baxter
Judi and Mike Casey
Holly Cavender
Children's Diabetes Foundation Denver
Rene Daub
Valerie Harris
Jen Hurle
Linda Hrycaj
Melissa Kostic
Dan Lay
Patricia Moore
Barry and Jeane Myers
Kyle Osborn
Michelle Posen
Kim Ribich
Lara Sanders
Mary Schumacher
Janet Sharpe
Special District Association of Colorado
Tim and Allison Taravella
Vicki Tosher and Perry Keen
Judith Tumlin
Daniel Wallick
Cathy Woodrow

In Loving Memory of Catherine Ann Mlot
Mary Therese Bruno-Mlot

In Loving Memory of Pam, Patti, Heather, Matt and so Many More XOXOXO
In Honor of Mom, AS, TG, KE, VT and Too Many Friends to Mention

David and Jennifer Castor

In Loving Memory of Holly Holder
Ronda Sanquist

In Loving Memory of Yvonne Massey
Walter Massey

In Loving Memory of Helen McWilliams
Harold and Mary Lee Kues 

In Loving Memory of Penny Parker
Izzy Driscoll
John Tobey
Jeremy Bronson
Sal Siraguse
Dina Berta
Dennis Huspeni
Suzanne and Charlie Brown
Judy Baxter
Stephanie Riggs
Mary Beth and Bill Jenkins
Joe LaFollette
Michael Huttner
David Tenenbaum
Kim Sporrer
Laurie Helmick
Kristi Arellano
Pamela and David Phillips
Pam Hamilton
Jill and Lawrence DiPasquale
Howard and Marie Antoinette Blaney
Lenora Nearen
James Theye and Dee Chirafsi
Michael and Iris Smith
Brooke Wiegand
Park Hyatt New York
Michael Feldman
Stephanie Riggs
Francisco Varela
Paul Allen Green
Ann Healy
Bill and Mary Beth Jenkins
Pam Hamilton
Tara Mathews
Rolana Mierzwa

In Loving Memory of Marion Steeples
Mark and Vicky Cavanaugh

In Loving Memory of James and Rosemarie Taravella
Barbara and Richard Crana
Tim, Allison, Zachary and Maximilian Taravella

In Loving Memory of James Linneman
Carol Linneman

In Loving Memory of Mae Hessler
In Honor of Kristen O'Donnell

Carol Rothe

In Loving Memory of Martha Bourgeois
Marcia Bourgeois

In Loving Memory of "Beecher V. Vollers Stanfill
Barbara Askenazi
Joan Bose
Robert Buran
Susan Carr
Anne Chafee
Elizabeth Cole
Wanda Davis
Paul and Marian Febvre
Peggy Herman
Charlotte Bowen Hollow
Lynn and Barry Keefe
Sally Klinke
Barbara Kozacik
Barbara Lam
Susan Laskin
Marianne Moulton
Marie Nagorski
Ann O'Brien
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Prock
Kay Quinn
Marcia Seawall
Stephanie Shalhope
Valerie Simons
Douglas Taylor
The Travel Society, LLC
Wendy Torrance
Carol Whitaker
Barbara Ziegler

In Loving Memory of Darlene Sisneros
Clint and Sharon Blum
Collins Cockrel Cole
Mary Jo Dougherty
Janis Emanuel
David Erb
Paula Espinoza
Ann Elizabeth Finn
Wayne Forman
Tim and Lynn Garrelts
Margaret and Lewis Goedecke
Steven Jeffers
Dan Jimenez
Kathryn Kanda
Kutak Rock
Harold and Mary Lee Kues
LNR Property Corp
Emilio Lobato
Vicki Mattox
Mark and Saranne Maxwell
Maryanne McGeady
Lynda McNeive
Linda Pantoya
Peck Shaffer & Williams LLP
Pinery Ladies Golf Association
Mimi and Keith Pockross
Alice Rassmussen
Rotherberger, Johnson & Lyons
Special District Law
St. Charles Town Company Staff
Tyler Stude
Michael Vallejos


Honorary Gifts:
In Honor of Erin Seabold
Melissa Wind Wilson

In Honor of Helen McWilliams
Harold and Mary Lee Kues

In Honor of Barbara Scott
Jeremy Kuhner

In Honor of Ben Brown, Kathy Hagan Brown, Kate and Emily Rundels
Chuck Fowler

In Honor of Jen Coy
Patricia Pendleton

In Honor of Jean Aldrich
Andrew and Patricia Aldrich

In Honor of Shawn Johnson
Diana Curfman

In Honor of Kim Behrle
Melissa Kostic

In Honor of Phyllis Gutin and PinkTie 1000
Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial

In Honor of May Helen Kuenz
Ted Kuenz

In Honor of Sue Gerson
Debi Bush
Nancy Nowak
Leslie Tjarks

In Honor of Nancy Rome
Anthony Hawkins
Laurie Rome
Paula Rome
Susan Rome

In Honor of Patricia "Pat" Patterson
Jonathan Watkins
Jay "JC" Watkins

In Honor of Ann Pendley
Kimberly Morton

In Honor of Cindy Freidman
Jon and Betty Heller

In Honor of Faye Hovermale
Gail Keeley

In Honor of Jean Aldrich
Andrew and Patricia Aldrich

In Honor of Kathy Elden
JA Dominquez and JET Gymnastics

In Honor of Kim Benton
Fran Benton

In Honor of Kristen O'Donnell
Carol Rothe

In Honor of Lisa Smith
Julie Nordstrom

In Honor of My Mother - A 50 Year Survivor!
Ellie Arden
Cindy Morris Goss

In Honor of Connie Waller
Howard and Connie Waller

In Honor of Kim Benton
Fran Benton

In Honor of Our Many Friends with Breast Cancer
Susan and William Brooks

In Honor of The Thrivers Among Us
Barbara Brooks

In Honor of Ronda Sandquist
Christine Jochim
Angelique Johnson
Marla Williams

In Honor of Cindy  and Mike Friedman
Jon and Betty Heller

In Honor of Cindy Clancy
Jill McMahon

In Honor of Abigail Harris
Roseanne Bohl
Ardath White

In Honor of Cathy Woodrow
Diane Brown
Kimberly Sawalha
Scott Wasserman
Daniel Woodrow
Scott Woodrow
Steven and Johanna Woodrow
Sabrina Wright-Hobart

In Honor of Jennifer Oldham's 50th!
Jennifer Anderson
David and Jennie Castor
Julie Harper
Ellen Jaques
Michael O'Shaughnessy
Carol Rothe
Wes and Stacy Severin
Tim and Allison Taravella
Christine Treat
Western Union Foundation

In Honor of Jimmy Oldham
Carol Rothe

In Honor of Kristen O'Donnell
Carol Rothe

In Honor of Evan and Kristen Jansen's Wedding
Sherri Shapiro
Lois Paul

In Honor of Janet Bills
June Bills
James and Lianne McMillin
Diane Paukstis

In Honor of Vicki Tosher
Jeri and Chris Ajayi
Judith Baxter
Judy Biegler
Kimberly Bozich
David Brandt
Suzanne Bryson
Theresa Burt
Jennifer and David Castor
Todd and Nancy Clark
Vern and Eileen Coy
Andrea Dwyer
Emily Fields
Becky Haddad
James Harris
Valerie Harris
Joanne Hindle
Caitlin Jenney
Victoria Keen and Mike Selak
Carol Anne Knaack
Susan Knott
Melissa Kostic
R.J. Kruizenga Family Trust
Jennifer Lewis
Victoria Lindsay
Francis Litvin
Elaine McCain
Rita and Anthony McCoy
J'amy McLellan
Liz and Al Miller
Sue Miller
Arnold and Barbara McDaniel
Stephanie Mitchell
Rebecca Mitchell
Cindy Orenstein
Lisa Padilla and Andrew Manerd
Toni Panetta
Patricia Patterson
Gabriela Perez
Mary Phillips
Sandy Priester
Angela Ricker and Don Bartkowiak
Randi Rycroft
Joann Schmidt
Mary Anne Shube
Melanie Simons
Teri Spector
Christine Soto
Tim and Jennifer Stachelski
Tim and Allison Taravella
Kenneth and Jana Tompkins
David Tosher and Jennifer Cross
Margaret Van Cleave
Carolyn Vaughan
Christine Vits
Midge and Bill Wallace
Linda Walmsley
Cathy Woodrow
Sabrina Wright-Hobart 

In Honor of Beverly Schmitt Bacon
Paul and Marian Febvre

In Honor of Kathy Beiting
Juilanne Durst

In Honor of Gray DeLou 
Jeanette Czerniak

In Honor of Karen Englert
David and Tracey Kempsell

In Honor of Barbara Jones - a 16-Year Survivor!

In Honor of Connie Waller - A Survivor!

In Honor of Eva Longbrake, Gerturde Smith Davis, Cynthia Boudreaux Pacheco and Ruthy Prest
Carolina Klein

All Breast Cancer Survivors
Rikki Callentine
Barbara Brooks
Joann Schmidt

In Honor of Ann Pendley
Kimberly Morton

In Honor of Donna Konkler
Patricia Pruss

In Honor of Victoria Lindsay
Sara Leeper
Lanae Raymond
Sylvia Smith
Marc Stewart
Antoinette Torres-Janke
Jennifer Wolchansky

In Honor of Pauline Marie/Shimmy 2B Free
CustomInk, LLC

In Honor of Merle Roberts
Patricia Roberts

In Honor of Kathy Beiting
Julianne Durst

In Honor of Christine Vits
Erik Johnson
David and Linda Lundy

In Honor of Caitlin Jenney
Diane Lenfest

In Honor of Andrea Linneman
Penny Lark
Jessica Maggard

In Honor of Sabrina Wright-Hobart
Kay Martley

In Honor of Sherol Lawrence
Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

In Honor of Brigette Bachellor
United Airlines Flight Operations, Denver International Airport
Charity Nugent
Rikki Callantine

In Honor of Jennifer Coy
Teresa and Brian Garrett

In Honor of Dr. Kelly McAleese
Victoria and Mark Cavanaugh

In Honor of Polly Letofsky
Doris Ervin
Janet Hansen

In Honor of Maureen Bober
Mimi Pullen

In Honor of Judy Baxter
Kathy Kennedy

In Honor of Beverly Frey
John Frey

In Honor of Barbara Brooks
Felicia Haas

In Honor of Sara Wolfe
Maxwell Wolfe

In Honor of Lisbeth Harris - My Beautiful Sister
Valerie Harris

In Honor of Dr. Julie Barone
Marla Williams

In Honor of Pat Schoeninger
Marci Whitman

In Honor of Robert Rifkin
Vicki Tosher and Perry Keen

In Honor of Jen Coy
Patricia Pendleton

In Honor of Betty Beck
Thomas Gougeon

In Honor of Lisa Padilla
Duane Dick/SandCherry Associates

In Honor of Sharron Kilde
Karen Kilde

In Honor of the many, many wonderful sisters in the breast cancer world
Judy Biegler

In Honor of Paula Espinoza - 8 Years Cancer Free Today (2/4/2018)