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Grantee Services 2022 2000-2021
Housing 38,301 1,193,197
Food/Groceries 4,625 456,208
Transportation 7,277 309,825
Utilities 5,014 170,756
Other 5,153 60,372
Total 60,370 2,190,358


Average age is 49. with the youngest grantee being 24 and the oldest turning 84 during her grant.

Eighty-one percent (81%) of applicants have children.Those applicants have an average of 1.3 children.

6% of Grantees completed grade school only. 49% completed high school, an additional 40% completed some college, with 2 progressing to graduate school at some point in their lives.

At the time of application, applicant expenses outweigh income by an average amount of $953. Average monthly income is $1,605.30 or $16,200 annually, which below the 2015 Federal Poverty Level for a family of four ($19,350).

40% of applicants are married or have a spouse or significant other; 12% are divorced; the remaining 46% are single or widowed.

Sense of Security has received applications from 50 Colorado counties.

Thirty-six percent (28%) of applicants have private health insurance, 11% have no health insurance, and the remaining 46% qualified for Medicare, 7% qualified for Medicaid, and 9% received support from CICP.

Applicant employment status: 60% of applicants are unemployed at the time of application; 32% are able to work full- or part-time; the remainder are on leave or students.