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In the effort to beat breast cancer, people and organizations raise funds for research, participate in support groups, and fund treatment for needy patients. Only patients and their families worry about other basic needs such as housing, food, child care or transportation.

Often moderate- to low-income people diagnosed with breast cancer become incapacitated and unable to work and earn an income. Without an income, one cannot pay bills that come due each month. Financial stressors contribute to health stressors, affecting a patient's ability to seek treatment, heal and recover.

The need doesn't end with the patient. Over 80 percent of our applicants have children and health and financial stresses affect children, families, and the lives of everyone involved. If a mother or wife is battling breast cancer, her stresses will affect the attitude and well being of the entire family. The experience may live with them for the rest of their lives. Financial pressures will only exacerbate a family's troubles and could take the focus off a mother's or wife's recovery and place it onto keeping the home or paying for food. Treatment for and recovery from breast cancer becomes a secondary life issue.

Our grantees do not have to worry about losing their homes, providing food, or child care costs. Sense of Security provides financial assistance for the entire household with the understanding that everyone involved in the patient's illness requires time to recover and heal.

People living in difficult day-to-day financial situations find themselves having to choose between food and prescription drugs, car insurance and co-pays, or rent and medical bills when they have breast cancer. Who is there to help someone in this situation?

In Colorado there's Sense of Security. Sense of Security is the only organization of its kind in the State of Colorado. We can provide comprehensive, sustained financial assistance with basic living expenses for the duration of treatment to relieve financial stress and ensure energy is spent on healing and recovery.

Sense of Security provides peace of mind . . . when you need it most.